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pulsed jet cloth filter
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Pulse dust remover is a new type of high efficiency pulse dust remover improved on the basis of bag-type dust remover. It integrates the advantages of chamber backblowing and various pulse dust remover, overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient strength of chamber cleaning and uneven distribution of inlet and outlet air, and expands the application range.

Pulse dust remover is when the dust gas from the air inlet into the dust remover, first encountered in the middle of the air inlet and outlet slant plate and baffle, the flow will be diverted into the dust hopper, at the same time the air speed slowed down, due to the role of inertia, so that the coarse particle dust in the gas directly into the dust hopper.Into the role of dust advance, ash hopper air then fold and upward through internal filter bag dust containing metal skeleton was set on the outer surface of the filter bag, after purification, the upper gas into the filter bag chamber clean room, packed into the outlet discharge, through the filter bag dust gas purification process, with the increase of time and accumulate more and more attached to the filter bag dust, increase the resistance of filter pocket, the parameters of gradually reduce, to work, to control the resistance within a certain range (140-170 mm water column), must be carried out on the filter bag dust, soot triggered by pulse controller order of each pulse valve control valve open,The compressed air in the air bag is sprayed into the corresponding filter bags by the orifice tubules of the blowpipe. The filter bags instantly expand rapidly, causing the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bags to fall off and the filter bags are regenerated.Dust removal falls into the ash bucket and is discharged from the body through the ash removal system.Thus, the dust accumulated on the filter bag is sprayed with periodic ground pulse to clear the ash, so that the purified gas can pass through normally and ensure the operation of the dust removal system.

Advantages of pulsed bag filter:

1. The pulse dust remover has strong adaptability and can collect all kinds of dust without affecting the dust removal efficiency because of dust specific resistance and other properties.

2, pulse dust collector is a typical high efficiency dust collector, can be used to purify the particle size of 0.1 m or above dust gas, dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%, and stable and reliable performance, easy to operate.

3, easy to recover dust, no sludge treatment, waste water pollution and other problems, simple maintenance.

4, scope of application: applicable to all kinds of powder collection, such as chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry and other production equipment dust collection, also can effectively deal with iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, mining, all kinds of furnace dust collection and all kinds of drying, mixing, mixed exhaust dust collection.