Anion exchanger
Efficient automatic water purifier
Integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment
pulsed jet cloth filter
Stainless steel water tank
Superimposed water supply equipment of pipe network
Reverse osmosis membrane filter
Ultrafiltration membrane filter
Wonderful in hengchang environmental protection, for you to present the most real us

Jiangsu hengchang environmental protection technology co., LTD., founded in 1982,

is one of the earliest water treatment enterprises in China.

The company has become a collection of design, manufacturing, construction, operation, service consulting, engineering general contracting comprehensive company.

The company has a large equipment manufacturing base, and the factory is located in gaocheng industrial zone, yixing city, jiangsu province, which is known as the "hometown of environmental protection".

Plant area of 8000 square meters, and the company has a variety of professional machinery manufacturing equipment, automatic welding machinery, injection molding machine, mold, plasma cutting machine, large lifting equipment and a variety of precision testing instruments.

We have more classic cases, do a trustworthy enterprise

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